12 Most Medical Billing Software Questions Answered Just for You!

Medical Billing Software Questions Answered

The field of medicine is complicated and additional help is always welcome. The software companies are trying to provide as much aid as possible. A medical billing system or an appointment scheduler would help in reducing the stress on the staff. Medical facilities and patients have several questions related to the software, answers for which are hard to find. 

Here are a few questions that are popular among the medical practitioners and patients but answers are hard to find include:

What medical billing services does your software cover?

In most cases we proffer

We have the experience of handling 

We are capable of providing a tailor-made version, which would your need just like a glove. 

How long will the setup process take?

We can start with the start-up process, once we sign the contract. In general, we take a week to complete the process, but we could give you the exact period, only after we complete the assessment.

What is the cost of medical billing software?

We generally provide our clients with a tailor-made version that would suit their needs; hence we charge accordingly. You can get in touch with us for more details. 

How do I send my billing information?

You can send your information electronically or send the hard copies through a courier service.

How can you help in case of non-payment by the insurance provider?

Our software is capable of representing the case in eth best possible manner, which reduces the chances of denials. But in case if the patient feels it is a genuine claim, we could help.

Our team of highly skilled professionals would analyze the case. If the denial is valid we will write it off. If it is a valid claim, we will reprocess the claim, after confirming with the doctor’s office. 

How are the claims submitted?

We submit all clean claims daily, generally electronically. Our team keeps monitoring all electronic submission reports for denials and eligibility issues; we would take necessary action if required. 

What is the benefit of submitting a claim electronically?

Electronic submission would help in saving time. The traditional technique would take three to four months for reimbursement while doing it electronically would just need seven days to twenty-one days. 

Can you help with unpaid claims?

Yes, we can help. We would assess the claim and bring in changes and add additional information. We would follow-up with the insurance company if the claim is not paid. 

How will the insurance company pay me for the insurance claim?

Most of the companies would ask you about your choice. They can give you a cheque or electronically transfer the amount. 

Will we have a dedicated point of contact?

Yes, our team would be able to help you in almost all sticky situations. 

What information should we provide for you?

In general, we would need patient demographics, insurance information, patient registration forms, hospital face sheets and information about various procedures and diagnosis. For details, you can speak to one of our representatives. 

There could be other questions that many people come across or have. One can get in touch with us to get more clarity and clear queries about software that handles medical billing and patient appointment management