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Accounts Receivable Management Services

Account Receivable is an integral part of the revenue cycle. Our Leverage time-tested best applications and a verified process to collect payments reduce the Account Receivable backlogs, resulting in more money collected faster. We improve your RCM process by identifying the actual reason behind the Account Receivable backlogs. 

Our experts will analyze your running Account Receivable process and will determine areas of refinement using best practices. The perfect approach allows the identification and correction of errors in the revenue cycle, which fixes Account Receivable’s backlogs before it starts. 

With us, you can achieve unmatched transparency and oversight to gauge productivity and resolve all the issues. Our flawless management allows for seamless collaboration between the team by providing real-time reports and updates.

AR follow up

FAQ’s On Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable calling refers to the communication which is carried out to get information on the outstanding claims from patients and the insurance provider. This helps to follow-up with the billing process and get the necessary information for successful billing.

In the healthcare, the term accounts receivable is used to refer to the amount of money that a Payers and Patients owes to a healthcare provider. The balance which is due for payment within a year can thus be termed as accounts receivable.

Our services can be integrated to your needs within a few weeks. As our offerings can be customized to the requirements of our clients, the time to get started can be less or more than the stipulated period. Once our services are set up to your needs, the rest of the process becomes much smoother.

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