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Outsource Denial Management Services

For minimizing lost reimbursements and denials, Apricus Technovations has a highly efficient system which is a part of the most important services that it provides. The system targets the major problems faced by healthcare providers i.e. the rejected claim always goes unattended and is never re-submitted knowing its proper reason. With its highly experienced team of individuals, Apricus Technovations uncovers and solves the problem of denials. 

For all the denied claims, appealed letters are prepared and sent alongside supporting documents which also have Medical Records attached with it. In case your insurance permits telephonic or fax appeals, they too are entertained. Every possible way in which denial can be managed is taken care of by Apricus Technovations in a customized manner, case to case, and individual to individual. There is a separate process of denial management that includes follow-up with letters, statements, notices, and making phone calls. After the success is achieved, the audit of all the accounts is undertaken and it is noted that the complete collection is retrieved.

FAQ’s On Denial Management

Denial management is the process by which healthcare providers deal with denied claims. It helps healthcare providers determine what is causing these denials, avoid denials due to recurring errors, get paid faster, and improve patient satisfaction.

Yes, we certainly do have specific denial experts in all realms of clinical specialties. It helps to address denials faster, with vast experience in the relevant specialty.

A denial FTE is a Full-Time Equivalent denial resource that is available round the clock to help you with your denial management requirements.

No, we do not provide on-site denial experts.

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