Eligibility & Benefit Verification

Patient Eligibility Verification Services

The next vital step is to gather information regarding insurance coverage, and the patient’s responsibility to pay for healthcare services.

In this time of medical billing where patients are having increased deductibles and A/R are increasing because of non-covered services, we help providers by taking the tasks on our shoulders of checking both eligibility and benefits before the patient visit. We verify the patient’s eligibility and update the patient’s account with the current status and set the alerts in case of any issues.

FAQ’s On Insurance Eligibility Verification

Our team has immense experience in checking patient eligibility verification and denial management. We ensure that it claim process is successful, but in certain conditions, we are helpless.

All eligibility checks are made through a variety of ways. It can be check over the phone or on insurance carrier’s website. Some clearinghouses and practice management systems are capable of verifying patient eligibility on your behalf as well.

Based on information it can take just a few seconds depending on which software you choose to use. Alternatively, detailed insurance verifications by phone will take approximately 30 minutes.

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