Managing Patient Demography

Outsource Patient Demographic Management Service

Patient is the central entity under the entire RCM eco-system and each information is very important from a claim prespective as a single mismatch under the demography can lead to lost revenue due to denial or delay in the claim adjudication. We at Apricus Technovations takes the onus to enter new patient demographics into the EHR/RCM system with all complete and accurate data. We strive to get the accuracy of 98% under patient demographics based on the eligibility and benefit data mapping from the Payers

FAQ’s On Patient Demography

It’s a collection of race and ethnicity data collected from a region addressing the patient care needs of that region. It improves the way hospitals coordinate Medicare and Medicaid.

Yes, one of our most-loved services is effective handling of patient demography that provides all necessary details and at the same time we could take up the role of medical appointment scheduler.

The information is mostly statistical about patient population characteristics including age, gender, income, and so on. This information helps designing financial and insurance products that sell better.

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