Quality Gateway Checks

Audit by Quality Check Gateways


We at Apricus, define the quality gates and regularly do the audit of all the accounts of the client to ensure that there is no revenue loss for our clients because of any discrepancy in the entire billing process. We promise quality and accuracy to our clients and we stand by our promise so we have strict quality check gateways defined in our billing process. Any discrepancy noted is rectified immediately at the same moment without any delays.

Apricus always audits all the information from the demography to A/R follow-up / denial management. We don’t keep our clients wondering what is happening to their billing and that is the reason we provide the weekly or monthly billing insights to them right from charges to follow-up. This makes our clients updated with all the reports and their revenue. The discrepancies that are identified are considered under our internal knowledge banks making it not be repeated in the future. We always aim to have the claims submitted with as few errors as possible to get high and timely reimbursements. We always adopt a process to have efficient, accurate, and professional {these 3 are our value system and always stick to our name and delivery} outcomes for our clients.

FAQ’s On Data Security

We follow all protocol to protect security and confidentiality of all the data you share with us, during new patient registration or patient demographic entry.

Yes. Although your information is located on a remote secure server, you are in full control of your data.

Yes, all of the keystrokes and time spent on each task are tracked and recorded, which is standard for HIPAA compliance.

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