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Podiatry Medical Billing

If there are 3000 to 4000 nerves in your foot, imagine the number of pains or sprains that can occur! And now imagine, if those pains and sprains are not treated specifically and are just classified under one category! Would that be justified?

Podiatry, which is increasing in the present days because vehicles have ensured people walk lesser than they used to has got severe billing problems because of unspecified codes not been given to specified treatments. APRICUS Technovations has customized ICD coding services to ensure that we can cover the coding of the specific conditions like localized edema, generalized edema, unspecified edema, Hallux valgus on acquired conditions for unspecified, left and right foot, calcaneal spur in any of the conditions of unspecified foot, calcaneal spur in right and left foot.

The billing time that other billing services would require would be always more than the billing time that APRICUS Technovations takes to bill your podiatry claims. So, why spend the extra time? Instead, utilize it somewhere else!